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Thursday through Friday
April 6th-8th, 2023

Riverton Firehouse
Thursday Night 4/6 - 7-9pm

Riverton Gazebo at Broad & Main Sts.
(Next to Milanese Pizza's new location) 
Friday 4/7 & Saturday 4/8: 9am - 4pm (or until we are sold out)

WSFS Bank Parking Lot -
712 Broad Street
Friday 4/7: 9am - 4pm

(Please note, times are based on afirst come, first served availability)

Riverton Firefighters awarded a Unit Citation
for there outstanding performance in life saving actions

On June 19th 2013, members of The Palmyra Fire Department along with The Riverton Fire Department were alerted to a reported automobile fire at Route 73 in the area of The Tacony Palmyra Bridge. Engines 8011(Palmyra) and 2411(Riverton) quickly responded to the incident. While enroute to the incident units were alerted to a dwelling fire in Palmyra on Garfield Avenue with two people possibly trapped inside. With Engine 2411 just a few blocks away from Garfield Avenue, they diverted to the Dwelling Fire. On arrival of Engine 2411, they encountered fire conditions showing from the second floor of the residence. They quickly laid in from the nearest hydrant. 2411 Officer, Assistant Chief Bryan Iannacone accompanied with Firefighter Tyler Chrupcala made initial entry into the residence without the protection of a hose line to search for the reported missing occupants. Firefighters Melissa Iannacone and John Quigg III stretched an 1-3/4" hand line from Engine 2411 while Engine Chauffeur Deputy Chief Robert Yearly secured the water supply for suppression operations. During their search of the residence, Assistant Chief Iannacone and Firefighter Chrupcala located a female in the stairway that was exiting the building. The female stated her husband was still upstairs in the home and unaccounted for. Under worsening fire conditions the two worked aggressively to search for the male who was still inside. Moments into their search for the male they were able to locate and quickly remove him to the exterior where BLS and ALS awaited to treat him. Firefighter's M. Iannacone and J. Quigg worked swiftly to extinguish the fire conditions in the affected apartment. Additional units from Palmyra, Cinnaminson, and Riverton Fire Department's assisted Engine 2411 in a secondary search, fire attack, overhaul, and ventilation.

At the Burlington County Emergency Services Training Center the crew from Engine 2411(Riverton) was recognized with a Unit Citation for their outstanding performance in life saving actions and limiting fire conditions from extending beyond the 2nd floor apartment. On behalf of the members of the Riverton Fire Department and attending guests tonight we wish a Congratulations to Deputy Chief Robert Yearly, Assistant Chief Bryan Iannacone, and Firefighter's Melissa Iannacone, Tyler Chrupcala and John Quigg III on a job well done. It is with your quick actions and poised firematics you prevented further damage and injury to the residents of this incident.

Pictured is Firefighter Melissa Iannacone, Chief Scott Reed, Deputy Chief Robert Yearly, Assistant Chief Bryan Iannacone, Firefighter Tyler Chrupcala, and Firefighter John Quigg III

firefighter award


incident header
2/17/2013 | Palmyra | 600 Block of Third Street| Dwelling

During the mid morning hours units were dispatched to the report of a church fire in the 600 blk. of Third St. in Palmyra. First arriving units from Palmyra arrived to the rear of the building to find fire showing. Ladder 2415 (6) arrived and went to work forcing entry. Upon a quick size up the crew determined it was a basement fire and made their way into the basement. There they encountered fire and smoke conditions in a crawl space towards the rear. The crew, with the assistance of 2411 and 8012 stretched 150' through the crawl space to extinguish the fire below, while other crews from Palmyra and Cinnaminson worked to open up and extinguish hot spots from above. Cinnaminson also took care of the RIT duties on the fire ground. No injuries were reported and crews cleared in about 90 minutes.


2/13/13 | Maple Shade | Roberts Mills Apartments | Dwelling

At 1140 hrs. crews were dispatched to the Roberts Mills Apartments in Maple Shade (101) for the reported apartment on fire. Chief 1000 arrived to find fire showing from a first floor, garden apartment and placed the companies in service. This brought Truck 24 to the scene. 2415 arrived on location and searched the exposure apartments for extension, finding none. Due to a quick, coordinated effort with units from Maple Shade, Cherry Hill (13), and Mt. Laurel (361/2) the fire was held to the unit of origin. 2415 cleared the scene in about a half hour.


2/8/13 | Maple Shade | Roberts Mills Apartments | Dwelling

February 8- Just after 5 PM on Friday units from Maple Shade (101) were dispatched to 443 Alexander Ave. for the reported house on fire. Chief 1000 arrived to find a working fire in the rear and placed the companies in service. This brought Truck 2415 as the RIT to the scene. The crew arrived and set up for RIT duties, assuring all egress points were secured if needed. The crew stood by for about 20 min before being released.


2/1/13 | Palmyra | Tacony-Palmyra Bridge | Bridge Fire

February 1- Just after 4 PM units from Palmyra and Riverton were dispatched to the Tacony Palmyra Bridge for a pier on fire. A/C 2402 and Engine 2411 were first to arrive and find a pier on fire, mid-span of the bridge. Crews battled 50 mph winds to extinguish the bulk of the fire while the Fire Boat from Camden City was called to finish it up. Crews from Engine 2411, 2412, 8011, and 8012 worked for over an hour from above while the boat worked for about 20 minutes to finish up. The bridge was closed to all traffic for about 90 minutes.


1/25/13 | Delran | 37 Stewart Ave | Dwelling

Around 1400 hrs crews from Delran (231/232), Riverton and the surrounding area were dispatched to 37 Stewart Ave. in Delran for the reported house on fire with one trapped inside. Chief 2300 arrived to find a working fire with the victim already removed but needing ems care in the front yard. Truck 2415 and Chief 2400 arrived as the second due unit and went to work completing a search, throwing ladders, and assisting with opening up. A quick knock of the fire was made and crews cleared in about an hour.

1/24/13 | Delran | Hunters Glen Apartments Rt 130 | Dwelling

Just after 10 AM the reported building fire was dispatched for 3001 S. Rt. 130 at the Hunters Glenn Apartments in Delran (231/232) for smoke coming from the roof. FM232 arrived to find a working fire in the attic of a 2 story, garden apartment and placed the companies in service. This brought Truck 2415 to the scene as well as Chief 2400. The crew took a position on side C and assured ground ladders were in place. With a small fire extinguished in the attic space the incident was quickly scaled back and units cleared in about a half hour.


1/16/13 | Moorestown | 200 block of Flynn Ave | Dwelling

Around 0800 hrs. the Moorestown FD (311/312) along with crews from the surrounding area were dispatched to the 200 block of Flynn Ave. for the reported house fire. Crews arrived to find smoke showing and fire from the rear of a 1 1/2 story s/f/d. The all co. was requested bring Truck 24 as the RIT company. The crew arrived and set up for RIT duties, securing egress points and throwing ground ladders to all sides of the structure. The fire was under control in about 30 min. with no reported injuries.


1/7/13 | Beverly | 600 Block of Broad Street | Dwelling

In the early evening hours just after 6 PM crews from Beverly (121/122) were dispatched to the 600 blk. of Broad St. for a possible house on fire with numerous calls and possibly people still inside. D/C 1201 arrived to find heavy fire conditions from the rear of a twin dwelling on both sides and all 3 floors. He requested the second alarm and an additional truck co. above that. This brought Truck 2415, Chief 2400 and 2402 to the scene. 2415 took a position in the rear and threw the main in position to protect the exposures. The crew threw ground ladders to all sides of the structure, and soon made initial entry with crews from Beverly (121/122) and Willingboro (161) to begin an interior attack. Crews worked on the interior for nearly 3 hours completing searches, extinguishing fire, and opening up. This was a job well done by all crews on location. Crews returned to service around 1130 that night.


1/7/13 | Riverton | 800 Block of Cedar Street | Vehicle Fire

While crews were operating in Beverly, the auto fire was dispatched in the 800 block of Cedar St. at 2230 hrs. D/C 2401 arrived to find a vehicle well involved. Engine 2411 and 2412 responded with a total of 10 personnel. The fire was quickly extinguished and crews returned to service.

1/6/13 | Palmyra | 600 Block of Legion Ave | Dwelling

Just before 8 AM Station 801 was dispatched to the 600 blk. of Legion ave for an investigation of smoke in the area. Soon after police arrived and found smoke showing from the rear of a corner dwelling, bring the structure assignment. Truck 2415 and Engine 2411, along with Chief 2400 and 2401 responded to find a small fire in the rear, exterior wall of the dwelling. The fire was extinguished and the area overhauled in a short period of time.

1/4/13 | Palmyra | Broad St & Orchard Ave | Vehicle Fire

Around 1500 hrs. crews from Riverton and Palmyra were dispatched to Broad St. at Orchard Ave. in Palmyra for an vehicle fire. 8003 reported a vehicle well involved. Engine 2411 arrived and extinguished the car fire with the assistance of Engine 8011. Crews cleared in about a half hour

10/31/12 | Pleasant Plains Assist FD | Strike Team Hurricane Sandy

Wednesday afternoon around 3 PM Ladder 2415 was alerted with a crew of 6 as part of a Burlington County Strike Team to respond to the Toms River area for coverage of the devastated locals. The crew was sent to staging and deployed into the Seaside Heights area for assistance. The crew eventually made their way to the Pleasant Plains Fire Dept. where the strike team provided coverage to a 10 mile area. Crews ran several calls from alarms to gas leaks. 2415 returned to quarters Friday morning around 11 AM.

10/30/12 | Toms River Region Assist FD | Strike Team Hurricane Sandy
On Tuesday morning @ 0700 hrs engine 2411, along with several other units from the county went to cover the Toms River region of the shore. Crews staged and were finally relocated to the Stafford Township area. There they awaited orders to the LBI region. However, due to ongoing flooding on the bridges the NJSP decided that their services would not be needed and returned home later that afternoon.